How To Make Extra Income On SEMrush: I Made 30K By Following These Guidelines

How To Make Extra Income On SEMrush

Affiliate marketing is very popular these days. Many people are opting for this as a full-time career. It is a simple way of earning money by promoting different company’s products and services. You get a commission on sales you make. As competition is gradually increasing in affiliate marketing, you should explore different programs to earn good money. In this article, I am going to share details on an amazing affiliate program, the SEMrush affiliate program. Read this article to know how to make money on SEMrush?

With more than 40 tools to analyze and optimize your content, SEMrush helps to increase your website’s rankings. In addition, its affiliate program is one of the highest-paying programs. This affiliate program is a reliable and easy way to make money online. But before we explore money-making options with SEMrush, let’s have a look at its key features.

What is SEMrush

SEMrush is a keyword research tool with more than 7 million users across the globe.  The reason why it is used by such a wide number of people is that it is all in one tool.  It gives users access to 20 billion keywords. It also analyzes your content and gives instant suggestions for the improvement of SEO to increase your site’s visibility and helps you rank higher in online search engines. 

SEMrush helps you to search proper keywords, do competitor’s search and improve your website’s ranking. Users are also able to track their website’s performance by using this tool.

Key features of SEMrush 

SEMrush offers wonderful solutions for PPC ads, SEO, content marketing, and social media promotions. Some other key features include:

  • 40+ tools to analyze and optimize your content
  • Database of more than 20 billion keywords
  • Performs an in-depth website audit
  • Suggest improvements to improve your ranking
  • Competitors analysis
  • PPC campaigns tracking

Display Advertising Research

What is SEMrush Affiliate Program?

SEMrush affiliate program consists of two types. One is known as the SEMrush Affiliate program and the other works through ShareASale

SEMrush Affiliate Program

SEMrush affiliate program is commonly known as SEMrush affiliate program. At first, this was the only affiliate program offered by the SEMrush team. After October 2020, there was a change in conditions, and this program was modified into invitation base program. It means you can be a part of this program either by contacting their affiliate management team or by getting an invitation from SEMrush.

By using the SEMrush affiliate program, you can earn money by promoting SEMrush tools and services. If you are looking to make a handsome commission and a top-quality product to promote, SEMrush is the best option for you.

Benefits of joining SEMrush affiliate program

When you join the SEMrush affiliate program, you are entitled to the following benefits.

  • You get a 40% commission rate on each sale
  • 40% commission for every recurring sale
  • The payout threshold is only 50$
  • Payments are available on the 10th and 25th of each month
  • Affiliate cookies valid for 10 years
  • Best customer support team to assist you and answer your queries.

How to Become a SEMrush Affiliate?

If you want to make money on SEMrush by joining their affiliate program, here is what you have to do.

Visit BeRush and register your account. You will get a confirmation email to verify your account. After the verification process, you are good to go. Once your registration process is complete, you will get a unique affiliate ID or affiliate link. Then you will use that link to promote SEMrush tools and services. You will get a 40% recurring commission on every sale you make.

When you register for the program, you are provided with promotional material like banners, links, eBooks, etc. These promotional materials are available in 5 different languages– English, German, Spanish, Russian, and French. 

How Much Money Can I Make on SEMrush?

When you are searching for how to make money on SEMrush? You should also know how much money you can make?

The amount of money that you make entirely depends on you. All you have to do is to generate relevant traffic. If someone uses your affiliate link and signup for 200$ a month subscription plan, you will be getting 80$ (40%) a month for your entire life. 

Another amazing feature of the program is its first cookie attribution. It means if someone has clicked your affiliate link or ID first. His purchases will always be attributed to you.


Who can become a SEMrush Affiliate?

SEMrush affiliate program has opportunities for people from multiple niches 

  • If you own a blog about PPC, SEO, marketing, or PR. You can join the SEMrush affiliate program and promote it on your blog.
  • It is not necessary to own a blog; you can also promote SEMrush by using your social media, emails, or videos.
  • If you are a part of a marketing agency or own one, you can recommend SEMrush to your customers and earn a commission.
  • Paid search specialists can also become a part of the SEMrush affiliate program
  • Do you create webinars, courses or if you teach SEO, promote SEMrush and earn good money

SEMrush Affiliate program through ShareASale

ShareASale is a popular affiliate marketplace that is used by many famous sellers like OptinMonster and WPEngine to promote their affiliate programs. SEMrush recently joined ShareASale and is now using it to offer its latest affiliate program

If you are not registered with this marketplace, sign up for your account. Once you set up your account, log in and search for SEMrush. Provide your website details and answer the question, why you want to promote SEMrush?

After filling in these details, Click ‘Join program’ and your application will be submitted for further procedure. Your application will be scrutinized by the SEMrush team and you will be notified if you fulfill the eligibility criteria. You will get an email to confirm your application approval.

The next step is to go to the website, Click links, get a link, and then the banner option. Select SEMrush and get promotional material. Start promoting the links to make sales. As ShareASale links contain visible merchant codes, so it is advisable to cloak the links with simple URLs. You can track your performance links clicks, conversions, and payments by the available reports. 

Unlike SEMrush, this affiliate program is open to anyone.

Features of affiliate program through ShareASale

Here are some exciting features of the SEMrush affiliate program through ShareASale.

  • One of the highest-paying programs. You get 200$ for every sale you make.
  • If any user activate a trial account, you will get 10$ and 0.01$ for every signup through your link
  • The tier-2 program offers $1 for each sub-affiliate you refer to SEMrush
  • 120 days cookie life
  • Different payment options are available like Payoneer or direct bank transfer

Differences between SEMrush and ShareASale affiliate program

Both affiliate programs have some amazing features but some differences make each one unique from the other.

  • SEMrush uses the first-click attribution while SEMrush uses the last-click attribution.
  • In SEMrush there is a recurring commission while in ShareASale you only get a fixed amount per sale, which is 200$. Though it is a good amount it’s not like a 40% recurring commission with SEMrush.
  • SEMrush offers payment through PayPal but in ShareASale payments are made either through Payoneer or direct bank transfer.

Is it Possible to Switch from SEMrush to ShareASale?

If you are a member of the SEMrush affiliate program and want to switch with ShareASale, it is possible. All you have to do is to visit the ShareASale website, provide your SEMrush affiliate ID and details, and mention that you want to switch. On the other hand, you can also contact your SEMrush affiliate manager and discuss with them directly. When you make a transition from SEMrush to ShareAsale, the following conditions will be applied.

  • All your SEMrush affiliate links will be replaced by ShareASale affiliate links
  • In case of the new sale, you will get a one-time commission of 200$ rather than a 40% recurring commission with SEMrush
  • Your existing sales with SEMrush will not be affected and you will still get a 40% recurring commission for those sales

Both these programs are offered by SEMrush but you can be a part of only one program at a time.

Tips to follow

If you want to make the most from the program, here are some tips that you can follow

  • Carefully read the terms and conditions of the selected plan to avoid any misunderstandings
  • Advertise your links indirectly by promoting your blog and convert your readers into potential customers
  • Do not send spam emails, otherwise, you can be reported to ShareASale for this abuse.
  • Properly use links in your blogs. You can contact affiliate managers to give you directions and clarifications.



Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make passive income. Many people are successfully earning a handsome amount of money through these programs. SEMrush affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs to make money online. Due to its higher commission rates, you can easily rely on this program as a side source of income. Just utilize this information and follow instructions to get the most benefit. 

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